The following are the key principles that guide our business and social practices:
- A long-term commitment to sustainability;
- Purchasing non-polluting and energy efficient products and technologies;
- An acknowledgment of compliance with appropriate environmental legislation;
- Minimize the use of natural resources;
- A commitment to monitor progress and bi-annually review green performance.

The following are the environmental policy guidelines for the company:
- All lights must be turned off, with the exception of emergency lights, upon leaving the office at night or on weekends;
- Heating is to be lowered at night during the winter;
- Computer monitors must be shut off upon leaving the office at night;
- Computers and printers are shut off during close days;
- Office supplies (paper, folders, etc.) are to be recycled;
- Folders, files, paper, paper clips, etc., are to be reused;
- Paper, glass, cardboard and plastic are to be recycled;
- Documents are printed only if necessary and we reuse single-sided copies as scratch paper;
- Empty toner cartridges and batteries are recycled;
- Products sold in bulk or in large quantities will be favoured to those sold individually;
- Obsolete computer hardware is to be granted a second life by donation to charitable organization(s);
- Local products made in Nova Scotia or Canada are to be favored as often as possible;
- Our computer furniture and workstations that we purchase will be made from eco-friendly resources.

Senior management believes that the above guidelines are realistic, achievable and appropriate to Momentum IT Group’s business, social activities and aspirations.

Will MacKeen